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Democrats also criticized him for wanting to build a wall along the U. Otherwise, the Rule of Law easily disappears. In addition, there are material concerns also Saturn. Illegal aliens cost the U. The Liberal Leftist point of view is relativist and is known to shift gears and terminology on established laws and trends as they see fit. Even in , under Obama, Democrats did not object to deportations. Since political and intellectual freedom no longer existed, even as concepts, Newspeak was a language created to meet the ideological needs of The Party.

We can change all that, including the vocabulary, along with much of our national identity and history. Orwell speaks again: When you get rid of history, The Party dominates.

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In France, large numbers of African migrants are now demanding citizenship papers and housing — instantly. Immigration Agreement of December — and now only a matter of switching filing categories. The fact is that the Liberal Left Jupiter now openly embraces a Globalist philosophy that does not recognize national sovereignty and the rights of citizens. It is more focused on a global society and a grand vision of the world, where the rights of migrants are prioritized over the rights of nation-states and their citizens, ironically — as Jupiter also classically rules over the nation-state.

Planets do not normally switch roles, but we see it here, with Saturn taking over concerns that Jupiter has abandoned. Coincidentally, it echoes both the U. See Footnote below for links on how to read a North and South Indian chart, and for a circular chart. Both Pluto stations, notably the one in October , are close to the U. In this situation, we have to assign Nationalism to Saturn, which preserves time-honored and established traditions, along with national borders and legal, merit-based immigration.

Democratic leaders and presidential candidates, meanwhile, are making their Globalist position ever clearer, and we have seen how, in the immigration battle, Jupiter more accurately represents the Liberal Leftists. Thus, we have to assign Globalism to Jupiter.

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  7. Despite the overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants to the U. California Governor Gavin Newsom and other Democratic leaders have made similar public announcements. What they avoid acknowledging, however, is that all of the currently scheduled deportees have already had their day in court. They have been given previous deportation orders and ignored them, in some cases for many years. Their pleas for asylum have often proven to be baseless.

    These people are in violation of U. Senator Elizabeth Warren D-MA , a leading Democratic Presidential candidate, initially proposed decriminalizing illegal border crossings. But by mid July , she went further and said that we need to stop securing the border altogether, stop deportations, stop penalties for hiring illegal immigrants, and offer a pathway to citizenship. No Walls! No USA at all! No Borders! Biden, Pelosi, Warren, and other leading Democrats are telling us that breaking U. Leftists have also funded numerous busloads of immigrants and coached them on how to game the U.

    These individuals allegedly include George Soros and various U. But only alternative media follows this. Perhaps emboldened by the December U. Immigration Agreement which, as mentioned above, the U. They oppose border walls, ICE, and the U. Border Patrol — all impediments to their immigration goals. This is a Jupiterian point of view, as Jupiter is inherently expansive and dislikes limitations on its freedom of movement.

    Jupiter also represents tolerance and, broadly speaking, benevolent human behavior. But in this case, the philosophy of expansionism has exceeded the basic tenets of nationhood. Nor is tolerance coming from Leftists who insist that laws can be broken, as long as they are laws that they no longer like or that their political opponents favor. Further, freedom of speech can be ignored and political enemies censored when Leftists do not share their views. Technocratic tyranny worsens the problem. Saturn can be repressive and fearful, but at best it provides structure and order.

    It is the planet of rules and commitment for a working society, especially for marriage and families — thus its exaltation in Libra. To the Saturnian point of view, a policy of Open Borders is asking for chaos. Saturn says that you do not know who is coming through your national borders to stay indefinitely in the U.

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    Among them could be criminals, terrorists, human traffickers, and drug traffickers, along with people carrying dreadful diseases, ones for which U. As of , deportations of U. Even higher levels of deportations occurred from to , highest during the Obama administration. Source: U. Jupiter also rules over knowledge, journalism, and education. This becomes even more noticeable in the core period outside of the Mutation periods.

    This core period runs from February 18, to March 14, Sibly for readers unfamiliar with the Indian style both charts:Sidereal zodiac, Mean node, Placidus houses. Sibly July 4, p. Bio: Edith Hathaway is an international consultant in practice since , author, teacher, and lecturer of Vedic astrology.

    For her articles, audio course and lectures on mp3s, please see: Edith Hathaway. Email: edith edithhathaway. When something does happen as anticipated, we strengthen our skills and confidence by examining the corresponding aspects in the horoscope. The well-loved television personality Alex Trebek was born on July 22, Alex Trebek July 22, a. How apt for the beloved host of Jeopardy! Then Mercury turned retrograde on March 5, backing over his Descendant on March 9.

    These patterns describe an attention-grabbing communication about a potential end. If his concerns were solely professional, this looked promising for an intense and innovative effort. But it also could suggest a reward. In May, Jeopardy! Randy Rainbow was born on July 6, Although we know the location, this chart is set for noon as there is no known birth time. Randy Rainbow July 6, p.

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    With transiting Jupiter traveling through Sagittarius through most of , prospects for expansion and publicity looked grand. In March, when Jupiter first activated his Mars—Neptune opposition, he was being interviewed by a reporter for the Washington Post. Melania Trump was born on April 26, Again, with no known birth time, the chart is set for noon. Melania Trump April 26, p. Neptune opposing Mercury and Venus in late Taurus , as well as Mars in early Gemini, adds glamour and fog to her need to express an aesthetic ideal — or illusion. The spokeswoman for the East Wing will speak for the West Wing as well.

    To be continued…. She is a consulting modern psychological astrologer and an STA-certified horary practitioner. Find her at graceastrology. The impending conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn will be a global phenomenon, affecting every country on Earth to one extent or another. But some countries will feel the pressure of that powerhouse duo more than others — and the United States could well find itself at the top of the list.

    This is largely because of the heavily Cancerian nature of the U. July 4th horoscope, which will directly receive the oppositional force of the transiting Saturn—Pluto conjunction. Donald Trump June 14, a. On a purely material level, we could talk about his relationship with money. But I find it fascinating how so many ultra-rich types have Saturn—Venus connections in their charts.

    Rockefeller Jr. Donald Trump has that planetary pattern, too — in his case, the conjunction is in Cancer, as mentioned above. This can mean many things, of course, and undoubtedly fuels his drive for wealth, real estate, multiple homes, and so on. But in light of his very public behavior through the decades, I believe that it also points to an extremely deep insecurity and vulnerability, a sense of emotional wounding perhaps rooted in childhood? My point here is that the transiting Saturn—Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is starting to pummel his natal pattern very, very hard, and will continue doing so over the next year or two.

    I see a few different real-world possibilities resulting from that. One of those is that his personal finances could take a major hit during this period, in terms of losses due to bad investments, lawsuits, or failed real estate projects. There could even be more revelations about his dealings with foreign governments, and investigators like those from the Southern District of New York continuing to probe into his real estate dealings and problems relating to his hotels.

    But also — and this could prove much more problematic for him, since it hits so close to home, emotionally — the Saturn—Pluto transit may also involve his family members being put under the spotlight, since the sign Cancer is involved. Likewise, I think the Saturn—Pluto transit could well trigger a primal sense of emotional wounding that Trump has likely harbored all his life, a deep feeling that he is unpopular or unloved.

    Pluto being what it is, this could also involve a sense of betrayal, a realization that others he thought had been loyal are now turning on him. With Pluto added to the mix, though, I suspect that this period ahead could become an exceptionally depressing and vulnerable one for Trump. If indeed impeachment hearings wind up being conducted, that would certainly throw a few Olympic-size swimming pools full of gasoline onto that horoscopic fire as well.

    To one extent or another, the horoscope of a national leader becomes that of the entire country he or she represents. His website is www. Ava DuVernay is a screenwriter, producer, and director. Her newly released and critically acclaimed film, When They See U s , which she created, co-wrote, and directed, is a Netflix series about the Central Park jogger case. Natal chart: Ava DuVernay 2 August 24, p. Mars rules the Scorpio Midheaven, aspecting both the Sun and Moon; this suggests the ability both to produce complex projects and to direct people, which requires not only confidence, but also emotional skill and subtlety.

    Mercury helps the Sun by finding the words to express what the Sun cares about. Mercury in creatively expressive Leo is also square to the Scorpio Midheaven; she has naturally faced controversy at moments in her career, yet this aspect also suggests an inner urgency for her words to be heard in the public sphere. Steady and serious Capricorn is rising, and the nodal axis straddles the Ascendant—Descendant. One translation: A pronounced emotional need to connect with others through empowering and transforming themes, or exposing taboo subjects, and having associations with influential people are what brings DuVernay into public prominence.

    In the chart shown here Porphyry houses , these are the 11th house hopes, wishes, and friends and the 2nd house income and talents. Constitution , is about race and the criminal justice system. Follow her on Instagram plumbmary or email: mary maryplumb. With the Moon in Taurus, we are in the only once-a-year lunation cycle where our biological rhythms Sun and Moon are informed by the deepest sustenance of the earth element. Along with the essential kindness and patience of Taurus within our reach, we now have the Sun moving into a trine to Saturn and Pluto, joined by the transiting Moon in Virgo.

    The Sun trines Saturn and Pluto — this is a natural pause to see what we have accomplished, most specifically since January 1 at the new Sun—Saturn synod. We know that we need provisions for the long trek ahead, and now is a perfect moment to stop and acknowledge what we have integrated thus far. Saturn trine the Moon and Sun: In some important personal storyline, we may have developed more resiliency than we know.

    Saturn in Capricorn has an echo for me of stories of Tibetan Buddhist lineages whose followers intentionally sought the highest and most severe mountain conditions for retreats, and to spend time with the teacher.

    I heard a teaching about one such event from the 16th century where conditions were exceptionally arduous and yet concurrent with supremely life-giving teachings. I know that some of us have had difficult conditions in retreat situations — not usually survival on a mountaintop, but various struggles with sleep and loss of familiar comforts and schedules. There can be a connection between difficult circumstances and meaningful inner experience. I sometimes think that, as a species or maybe my particular sub-group , we are getting hardier and more able to thrive under challenging circumstances.

    For some of us, a defined view of ourselves may have reached the breaking point — and the best option may be to trust the disruption, knowing that we are not stuck but open to whatever life brings next. So, I offer a toast at this lunation cycle: May we realize the benefit and eternal sustenance that is now, and always, within reach. The past few days have seen some heavy-hitting aspects — transiting Saturn, the South Node, and Pluto all together Capricorn and lit up by the Sun. To be more specific: On April 10, the Sun squared Saturn, followed by the solar square to the nodes and Pluto on April Although in my immediate life I am surrounded by friends and clients who are experiencing overwhelming or sad situations the Capricorn planets are in my natal 3rd house , I want to step back and look at a few people in the news in the past few days for some broader planetary storylines and hints of what may lie ahead.

    Billie Eilish December 18, Sunrise: a. In interviews, she sounds exceptionally clear and mature, and her moods include great tenderness she has a lovely and emotionally expressive voice and forebodingly dark expressions of grief and loss. The Moon conjoined Neptune at a. And here is another story with interesting timing: Pete Buttigieg announced that he is running for president on April 14 at p.

    He struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, quitting heroin 29 times before managing to stay clean. In later years he had a degenerative spine condition and emphysema as well as a heart condition. He was born 19 August in London with his RAF father dying in the war when he was four, began playing drums at 15, founded Cream with Eric Clapton and was the first to play explosive drum solos. His hugely talented and self-destructive career is littered with split relationships — professional as well as personal — four marriages — and failed business ventures.

    His chart was extraordinarily volatile and complicated.

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    An entertaining Sun Venus in Leo was in a rebellious square to Uranus. Uranus was in an Earth Grand Trine to Mars in Capricorn trine Neptune — attracting him to showbusiness and business though clearly with variable results since he lost millions through fraud, miscalculation or plain waste.

    His Pluto was in a do-or-die-determined opposition to Mars in a very hard square to Saturn — hence the cruel streak — and perhaps Saturn was opposition a Libra Moon. A Cardinal Grand Cross would give him a life of revolving dramas and crises. And last not but least his Pluto was trine Jupiter in pro-active Aries. You have to admire the sheer brazen, defiant exuberance of him plus all that talent which rippled down to those who followed after him — even if he was a nightmare to be near. Prince Harry and maybe Meghan are finding out the hard way that provoking a full-on punch-up with the media is NOT a good idea.

    He wants to control her though he would have been unpredictable and erratic; and irritated her with his overly-rigid and needy behaviour.

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    Their relationship chart has an argumentative composite Sun, Mars, Mercury conjunction which will be rattled over the next eighteen months with tr Uranus in square with a disappointing tr Neptune opposition Jupiter in early Prince Harry, I think, has never met him which would suggest resistance from his bride, though he might have been better advised to early on to try to keep control of a clearly tricky situation.

    Their relationship chart has a contradictory and high-tension composite Venus, Uranus, Saturn; an evasive composite Sun square Neptune and fiery sextile to Mars. Never complain, never explain. Head down, mouth zipped, bland smile and let it all wash over you — and hire decent public relations advisers.

    Going on the offensive will only get them covered in a ton of manure. Not what the Queen needs what with Brexit and Prince Andrew — just a drama queen fit about not very much from the Sussexes, who use the media, especially Meghan, when it suits them. At least 99 people have died and nearly 4, wounded in protests in Iraq over unemployment, poor public services and corruption in the country. With an explosive and can-be-fanatical tr Uranus square the Iraq Mars, Neptune at the same time. The Iraq Sovereignty 28 June Baghdad was once the centre of civilization, though with a roller coaster history, rising and falling often during Pluto in Capricorn phases.

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    Such a tragic waste of a special place and a disaster for its poor people. The Trump impeachment is winding up an ominous head of steam and Brexit is hurtling towards 3 seconds to midnight witching hour — or maybe not. Hong Kong and Iraq are in revolt, the EU is hovering on the brink of a recession and the Middle East is bubbling more obviously even than usual. So just a reminder that the recent July Cancer Solar Eclipse was in a Saros series which causes worry often at an obsessive level. The next four Eclipses all six months apart look fairly fraught and the first one to look cheerful will come in late So a ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel, just not quite yet.

    The first episode of the late-night nutty comedy which promised crazy antics only attracted 1.

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    The second series was commissioned but all the regions opted out — Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.