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This is the house of love, associated with the bodily and spiritual passions, fertility, children, life partners, lovers, sentimental relationships, and the capacity to love in general.

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The house refers to your origins, and the scope and purpose of life, family, feelings, and emotions; maternity, sadness, and nostalgias also belong to this house. The fourth house controls domestic life. This is the house of relationships, of communication with siblings, relatives, friends, peers, but also the house of study, intellect, and freedom of speech.

Leo Weekly Horoscope 7th October 2019 - one conversation can really delight...

The best activities based on the astrological house: writer, journalist, professor, programmer, computer scientist, transporter, trucker, air traffic controller, sales agent, travel guide, speaker, newscaster, librarian, bookseller. This is the house of qualities, of spiritual and material values, of gains, of assets we own or inherit that ensure our physical and emotional comfort; it also represents sensuality and the senses.

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In astrology, this house responds to material resources, and the ability to gather money to accumulate material possessions that we need or that we feel we need. The true lesson of this house is that we need to learn not to selfishly use our wealth only for our benefit, but to learn how to also help other people.

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Skip to content. Our astrologists have elaborated a calendar of the planets retrograde motion for Older posts. Also on Tuesday this week, the solar horoscope for us all sees Mercury ends its backward journey in the sign of Leo, and by the end of the week on Sunday, it will itself return back to Virgo one of the two zodiac signs rules.

He also forges a brilliant link with Uranus all through the week, suggesting innovation, original ideas, and thinking independently can work very well. On Wednesday there is also a Full Moon and this is a particularly powerful Full Moon because Neptune, the planet of dreams, is going to be directly alongside the Moon in Pisces, and of course both will reflect back across the heavens to the Sun in Virgo.

The chances are the any desire we have to make things work more efficiently, may be counted by some very hard to understand anxieties. Physical vitality can also be affected by this. So it is going to be important to really focus on our thinking and actions precisely. Neptune is also powerful this week in that it is forging a link with Venus.


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Therefore Venus gets caught up in this lunation too. I think the overriding vibe is that we need to be as realistic as possible. This can be around everyday matters but also it can be about money and also our love life. However I do so by the end of the week generally many of us will start to feel a greater sense a clarity emerging.